How to get to the museum

Barrier-free local transport stop ‘Dom / Hauptbahnhof’ (Cathedral square accessible via lift). Three disabled parking spaces in front of the museum (‘An der Rechtschule’), with many other parking spaces along the museum square. Nearby car parks: Parkhaus Brückenstrasse, underground car park below Cathedral and DuMont-Carree car park (with 31 disabled parking spaces).

Museum Entrance

From Cathedral and Wallrafplatz, the museum square is accessible via wheelchair-accessible kerbs; level access to museum entrance. If you need help with access talk to our staff at the information desk, or call us on +49 (0)221 221 26714.


Level-access lift located in the reception / ticket counter area. Lift controls are accessible for wheelchair users. All exhibition areas on the first and second floor, as well as the basement (toilets), are accessible via lift. 

A second lift serves the exhibition hall, café and courtyard, as well as the ground floor of the design section. A wheelchair stairlift is available for accessing the second floor of the design section.

Please notice: The lift that serves the first and second floor, as well as the basement (toilets), will be out of service from 12 to probably 25 July due to maintenance work. The wheelchair stairlift in the design section is unfortunately out of service until further notice.

Seats and Wheelchairs

Seats are available in the exhibition areas and in the reception area, as well as in the Design Lounge, a nice place to take a rest in front of the lockers.

We also have a wheelchair (manual operation) and folding chairs for loan.


Disabled toilets are located in the basement and can be easily accessed via lift.

Please notice: The lift will be out of service from 12 to probably 25 July due to maintenance work.


Lockers are located on the ground floor reception area behind the Design Lounge.

Media Use

Audio guides "Design" for blind and visually impaired visitors in German language for free download to your smartphone or tablet. Download once, use anytime - before, during and after the museum visit. Download the free app "freshmuseum" via Google Play or the App Store and click on the MAKK under "Highlights". Then select a tour or use the numbers from the exhibition signs to navigate to individual objects.

Offers in Easy Language

Guided tours in easy language and in simple language are possible by arrangement.
Please contact the Museumsdienst Köln for further information under: service.museumsdienst@museenkoeln.de.

Offers for Visitors with Hearing Impairments

Guided tours in sign language available on pre-order at under: service.museumsdienst@museenkoeln.de.

Offers for people with dementia

Guided tours for people with dementia are possible by arrangement.
Please contact the Museumsdienst Köln for further information.

Offers for Blind or Visually Impaired Visitors

Guided tours for blind and visually impaired visitors available on pre-order under: service.museumsdienst@museenkoeln.de.

Audio guides "Design" for blind or visually impaired visitors in German language. This audio-descriptive tour was created in cooperation with the LVR-Rheinland.

With this offer we are pleased to provide blind and visually impaired people with an enjoyable access to our facilities. However, we would also like to point out that there is no floor guidance system available inside the house. Please bear this in mind when planning your visit. 

Guide Dogs

We welcome guide dogs at the Museum.

Food and Drink

The café and catering area in the courtyard is accessible via a second lift. Normal table height; depending on the wheelchair design, the chair can be positioned under the table.