Spinning the wheel in 18 colours

Hugo Blomberg, Ralph Lysell, Gösta Thames: Ericofon Telephone, 1954

The telephone was invented as early as 1867. The first models were mounted on the wall. Initially, there was only a receiver because, if you took it off the hook, you would reach a switchboard operator (most of which were women) who would connect you to the person you wanted to call. With the development of automatic connection, a dial was needed and therefore early telephones were designed as large wooden boxes.

The Ericofon was developed when the invention of new materials made it possible to produce complex shapes from plastic.
The dial is mounted under the foot where there is also a button: when you put the phone down, the call is immediately cut off, meaning the speaker has ‘hung up’.
The Ericofon was on offer in 18 different colours to match individual interior styles.