Furniture fresh from the press

Marco Hemmerling, Ulrich Nether: Generico Chair, 2014

This chair is a joint project by two designers: Marco Hemmerling is a professor who teaches university students how to ‘draw’ a design on the computer. Ulrich Nether focuses on ergonomics in his design work. He ensures, for example, that a chair adapts well to the human body.
The Generico Chair unites both aspects: state-of-the-art technology and ergonomics. This chair was developed on the computer and manufactured with a 3D printer. In the printing process, liquid plastic is built up in thin layers to form the legs, seat and backrest.
There are not yet many 3D printers in the world that can manufacture such a large object. Our chair was produced in the US. The printer needed two and a half weeks while working for 24 hours a day.