It’s completely cuckoo

Michael Graves: Kettle 9093, 1985

More than 30 years ago, the American architect Michael Graves designed a kettle for the Italian company Alessi. The company still commissions famous designers to create all kinds of household appliances and other things, from lemon squeezers to Christmas cribs.
The stovetop kettle is the predecessor of the electric kettle and one of the oldest household items. This kettle designed by Michael Graves is made of shiny stainless steel and looks really elegant. It is shaped like a cone and thus sits firmly and securely on the hob – after all it contains boiling-hot water.
The kettle’s great popularity is mainly due to the cute little red bird that adorns the spout: when the water in the kettle begins to boil, the steam is pressed though the bird’s body and creates a loud whistling sound. Thus Michael Graves’ model combines function with good design and wit.