Photo: Ralph J. Schiel


Festival for Design and Sustainability

12 to 21 May 2017

The “ökoRAUSCH festival for design and sustainability” is a design festival with attitude. It stands for intelligent design that puts people, society and the environment first. Exciting new concepts can be found where art and design meet, paving new paths for innovative future strategies.

At the heart of the festival is an exhibition focusing on premium, sustainable products, innovative design concepts and artistic positioning in the interest of sustainable development. In order to liven up the message of the relevance of sustainability, the term sustainability itself depends on the skills of the designers and artists. With fun methods, intelligent approaches and unconventional ideas, these designers and artists are proving their talent and at the same time are connecting design with purpose.

Besides presenting people from the design scene and their work, we will be offering a diverse programme with contributions from design, art, the sciences, economy and politics – continually reflecting on the leitmotif of sustainability – sources of inspiration and links to sustainable economic activity, eco-political engagement, social equity and cultural diversity. The interaction between the different disciplines, and especially the connection with art with regards to sustainability related content, will not only be enriching for the festival, it will offer the participants a change of perspective. By presenting all of the connecting factors, such as (creative) industries, science and politics, the “ökoRAUSCH” festival will attract specialists in their own right as well as a large public audience.

Further information: oekorausch.de

Free admission and special opening times:

FR 12.5. till 10 pm | SA 13.5. till 9:30 pm | SU 14.5. till 6 pm | MO 15.5. closed | TU 16.5. till 5 pm | WE 17.5. till 5 pm | TH 18.5. till 9 pm | FR 19.5. till 9 pm | SA 20.5. till 9:30 pm and SO 21.5. from 10 am till 6 pm (Museumsfest)

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