Everything is Design

Fashion design, automobile design, jewellery design, media design – what does design actually mean? It’s not only about rare or expensive objects: toothbrushes, fizzy water bottles, door handles – everything is design!

Today, new things are being invented at an ever-faster rate. That’s why designers must constantly come up with new ideas and face new challenges. It is, for example, not so easy to design a car, a radio or a mobile phone when there has never been such a thing before. Additionally, there are always new requirements, for example: Will the materials be environmentally-friendly? Will a chair protect the user’s spine or joints?

So, you see, everything is design – but design is not everything.

Here, you can learn more about some of the pieces from our design department and in encountering the original works, you can make further discoveries.

If you so wish, you can be accompanied by an audio play while you’re walking through the exhibition. It is a part of our audio guide app and you can download it for free to your smartphone or to the smartphone of the person you’re with.

Copyright: Birgit Jansen (Bürgie Illustration & Grafik)